Get started with BounceTogether, a data capture and reporting tool which can be used to measure performance and improvement in your organisation. In this help guide, you will find comprehensive information about how you can use the BounceTogether platform. Use the menu on the left to navigate through a variety of topics, designed to help you get started or if you're an advanced user get the most from your platform!


BounceTogether has been built with the end-user in mind, which means we have tried to make the application and any task as intuitive and as simple to use. We realise you might want to ask the BounceTogether community a question from time-to-time so we've partnered with Edoocoo and created a dedicated support circle.

Here you can ask other members of the BounceTogether community or one of the BounceTogether team for advice or assistance.

Check out the circle to get answers

Direct Support

If you don't find an answer from the BounceTogether community then you can always contact one of the BounceTogether team for assistance.